Dr. Norman Geisler, Described as a Cross Between Thomas Aquinas and Billy Graham, Is a Featured Scholar in New Film ‘The God Who Speaks’

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Dr. Norman Geisler, Described as a Cross Between Thomas Aquinas and Billy Graham, Is a Featured Scholar in New Film ‘The God Who Speaks’

New American Family Association Movie Shares the Expertise of Many Who Help Reveal the Truth of the Bible’s Authority

TUPELO, Miss.—Dr. Norman Geisler has been described as a cross between Thomas Aquinas and Billy Graham. That’s an incredible description, but one that is likely fitting for the prolific author, veteran professor, speaker, lecturer, traveler, philosopher, apologist, evangelist and theologian.

At 85, Geisler continues to be a leader in the field of apologetics and is one of the contributing biblical scholars featured in the new American Family Studios feature-length film The God Who Speaks. A division of the American Family Association (AFA), American Family Studios explores the truth and authority of the Bible in this powerful 90-minute documentary. Available now on DVD and digital rental, the movie features Geisler as a contributor, as well as some of the world’s most respected defenders of the Christian faith.

“We are so honored to include the passion, knowledge and expertise of those scholars who have spent nearly their entire lives studying God’s Word — like Dr. Norman Geisler—and enabling Christians in all stages of their faith journey to talk about the Bible in an informed and relevant way,” said the film’s director, M.D. Perkins. “We hope this film continues to be a useful tool for churches, families, small groups and Christians who want to reach the lost through the hope of the Bible.”

 In 1992, Dr. Norman Geisler co-founded Southern Evangelical Seminary (SES) near Charlotte with the late Dr. Ross Rhoads. Professor Geisler’s main concern to defend the historic Christian faith, and he was appointed the seminary’s first dean, while Rhoads served as the first president. “The God Who Speaks” premiered at SES last October during its annual National Conference on Christian Apologetics.

Geisler is the author of more than 125 books and hundreds of articles. Over his successful career, he taught theology, philosophy and apologetics at the college or graduate level for more than 50 years at institutions such as Wheaton College, Detroit Bible College, Trinity College, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, Dallas Theological Seminary, the Liberty Center for Research and Scholarship, SES and Veritas Evangelical Seminary, which he co-founded in 2007 and currently serves as president. Geisler is also actively involved in Norman Geisler International Ministries and the International Society of Christian Apologetics, which he also founded.

The renowned apologist was educated at colleges, universities and graduate schools around the nation, including William Tyndale College, the University of Detroit, the University of Detroit Graduate School, Wheaton College, Wheaton Graduate School, Wayne State University Graduate School, Northwestern University and Loyola University, amassing bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees in philosophy and theology.

Dr. Geisler also served numerous churches for interim pastorates in Michigan, Illinois and Texas. He has received numerous awards over his lifetime, and has been an internationally known speaker at churches, retreats, pastor’s conferences and universities, as well as on radio and television, since 1960.

Since its Feb. 1 debut, “The God Who Speaks” has been enabling thousands of Christians to better defend their faith, talk to skeptics about the truth of the Bible and rest assured in the authority of God’s Word. Last month, the “The God Who Speaks” was also named Best Documentary at the Christian Worldview Film Festival.

The film is also produced by Jeff Chamblee, director of American Family Studios. For more on “The God Who Speaks” or to view the trailer, click here. The two-DVD set with two hours of bonus content, as well as a digital rental, is available for purchase at afastore.net/the-god-who-speaks.

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