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Clinton’s Newest Book, ‘Focus on the Future,’ Set for Release on October 5

September 27, 2021

LYNCHBURG, VA.— In his upcoming book, Focus on the Future: Your Family, Your Faith, and Your Voice Matter Now More Than Ever,Dr. Tim Clinton argues for the urgency of protecting the ideals of “family” in order to create a better future. If society allows the state of the family to decay, he claims, the nation will soon follow.

Clinton states, “I believe that a family is a living organism that contains the future of society. This is because as the family goes, so go the individuals of that family who will one day make up society. It is the family that shapes identity more than any other institution. It is the family that imparts values. It is the family that anchors healthy souls and the family that sets the trajectory of every individual when it comes to learning, earning, worshipping, serving, giving, and connecting with the rest of society.”

By putting the effort into cultivating a morally upright family life, Clinton believes society will benefit in the long run. “We may not be able to change national trends instantly, but the fact is we can dramatically shape the cultures of our homes, which in turn shape the course of our nation,” Clinton claims.

Clinton uses the example of the family dinner to illustrate his point. Studies show that teenagers who regularly eat meals with their families experience fewer signs of depression, are less likely to use drugs, and overall receive higher grades in school than teenagers who do not consistently have dinner with family members.

Clinton concludes, “Now, notice the vast difference a family meal makes in the lives of family members and yet how little it requires. We are talking about doing something you already do three times a day. Just do it with family, do it regularly, and work to make the experience enjoyable, loving, and even inspiring if possible. This changes lives. And these lives in turn will transform other lives.”

As the president of the American Association of Christian Counselors (AACC), Clinton is familiar with these issues, as well as how to address them. In his new book, he reveals:

Dr. Tim Clinton, EdD, LPC, LMFT, is president of AACC, the largest and most diverse Christian counseling association in the world. Dr. Clinton also serves as the Executive Director of the Liberty University Global Center for Mental Health, Addiction and Recovery, and co-host of “Dr. James Dobson’s Family Talk,” heard on nearly 1400 radio outlets daily. Licensed as a Professional Counselor and as a Marriage and Family Therapist, Dr. Clinton is recognized as a world leader in mental health and relationship issues and spends much of his time working with Christian leaders and professional athletes. He has authored or edited nearly 30 books. Dr. Clinton and his wife, Julie, have two children, and a granddaughter.


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