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Moms for America® Supports Senators’ Letter Asking President Trump to Withhold Aid from States Blocking Church Gatherings

Urges Moms to Hold Officials Accountable to State and Federal Constitutional Protections of Religious Freedom by Voting

August 4, 2020

DAYTON, Ohio — The latest push in Washington to prevent states from violating Americans’ religious liberty recently passed the mom test, as Moms for America® (www.MomsForAmerica.us) added its stamp of approval to a letter U.S. Senators sent President Trump asking him to deny coronavirus relief money to states that prevented churches from holding worship despite their compliance with public safety guidelines.

Moms for America speaks for millions of mothers who believe the proper role of government is to uphold the U.S. Constitution, including the religious liberty protected by the First Amendment in the Bill of Rights — and who want Trump to hold states accountable for violations.

Kimberly Fletcher, founder and president of Moms for America and a mother of eight, supports the recent letter signed by Senators Mike Lee of Utah, Tom Cotton of Arkansas, and others urging Trump to withhold COVID-19 relief from states who flout the highest law of the land.

“Religious freedom is foundational to our country and families,” Fletcher said. “We are united with these senators and our president to uphold our constitutionally protected right to worship. COVID-19 doesn’t end our rights. No matter how much government tries to stop people from going to church, mothers and families will find a way to worship together. Faith will conquer fear.”

The denial of the right to assemble freely for worship in some states has struck a nerve among Christians. Many have pointed out the inconsistency of allowing large gatherings of people to flock to casinos while preventing churches from holding services for relatively small groups of congregants.

Fletcher says the crackdown on churches is a flagrant foul against religious liberty.

“It is hard to believe we are in a time when NFL players are forbidden to attend church, pastors are being threatened with jail and churches are being fined for opening their doors to people when they need it most. More than ever we need to defend and uphold religious freedom,” Fletcher said. “A simple yet powerful way to do that is with our vote.”

The freedom and safety of our republic depends on whether America’s millions of moms will choose to make their voices heard. Moms for America® encourages mothers to sign the Declaration of Mothers, which includes statements about human rights, the role of a mother in the home and the education of her children.

Mothers can add their names to those of more than 58,000 fellow American moms who have signed the Declaration of Mothers at https://www.momsforamerica.us/declaration-of-mothers/.

Moms for America® provides critical information to moms across the nation including MomVote 2020, which focuses on high-impact suburban areas in 15 critical election states. This is an extraordinary opportunity to have powerful influence and impact in the 2020 election simply by educating, engaging, and empowering moms through MomVote.

Moms for America is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) education corporation dedicated to promoting a foundation of liberty through the mothers of America in their homes, within their communities, and with their vote.

For more information on Moms for America, visit www.MomsForAmerica.us, its Facebook page or follow on Twitter, YouTube, Instagram or Pinterest.


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