No One Wants the Liberal Label Anymore

“Liberal” is fast becoming the label that Americans no longer want, and Dr. Alex McFarland ( says this group’s lack of faith and cynicism are playing a part.

The term, reports Real Clear Life, part of the Real Clear Politics family of sites, is “mocked by the right and distrusted by the left,” and liberals have seen their popularity rapidly diminish. Even the “oft-accused-of-being-too-liberal” New York Times argues this same point.

McFarland says that traits like arrogance, hypocrisy, entitlement and overall distaste with all things that are truly American have taken their toll on the rest of the nation—to the point that “lib” is becoming a bad word.

McFarland’s two newest books are “Stand Strong in Your Faith: Live What You Believe with Confidence and Passion,” which provides Christians with insight and encouragement to keep the faith during the toughest times of life, and “Abandoned Faith: Why Millennials Are Walking Away and How You Can Lead Them Home,” which explores why millennials are leaving the church, instructs how those who love millennials can bring them back and offers the hope of Christ to parents.