Ryan Bomberger promotes the gift of adoption as a loving alternative to the violence of abortion

‘We have equal and irrevocable worth simply because we exist — and adoption is a powerful and culture-changing way to unleash that God-given purpose’

June 20, 2022

WASHINGTON D.C. — As Americans anxiously await the final ruling from SCOTUS on Dobbs v. Jackson — the case that could overturn Roe v. Wade — many pro-abortion activists fail to acknowledge that there is a loving alternative to the violence of abortion: adoption. On the topic of adoption, no one is more passionate than Ryan Bomberger, chief creative officer and co-founder of The Radiance Foundation (Radiance, www.theradiancefoundation.org). Conceived in rape but adopted in love, Bomberger offers a unique perspective about the gifts of adoption as an alternative to abortion.

“I am the one percent that is used 100% of the time to justify abortion,” Bomberger commented. “My birthmom, despite being a victim of the violence of rape, did not make me a victim of the violence of abortion. I’m someone who was conceived in rape but adopted in love. I’m someone with two compassionate parents who chose me despite how I came to be. I’m someone with twelve siblings (nine of whom were also adopted) in a multicolor family. I’m someone married to an incredible woman who chose to be stronger than abortion as a single mom. I’m someone who is blessed with four kids, two of whom were adopted.

“I’m someone the pro-abortion Left thinks should’ve been aborted. But the circumstances of our conception never change the condition of our worth. We have equal and irrevocable value regardless of what any activist, politician, or governmental institution claims.”

Bomberger continued, “LGBT groups, like Lambda Legal and the ACLU, have been systematically working to shut-down faith-based adoption agencies that believe vulnerable children who’ve escape the violence of abortion or exit the foster care system deserve a mom and a dad. That’s not ‘pro-choice.’

“Adoption happens because of brokenness,” Bomberger stated. “In the natural and the supernatural, this courageous act of love and selflessness helps to bring healing, hope and wholeness. The way we understand adoption changes the way we apply it in our society. Perhaps it explains why there were just 110,373 adoptions in the last reported year. Sadly, pro-abortion Guttmacher announced an abortion surge during the pandemic of 930,160 abortions; there were 862,320 in 2017. Abortion eliminates millions of possibilities of adoption. Recent foster care stats also reveal where society is failing to rescue other vulnerable children. Although there were 57,881 children adopted out of foster care in 2020, there were still 63,815 precious children still waiting to be adopted and loved. There are three major factors influencing this: a broken child welfare system, not enough available families, and a system that is too politically charged.”

Bomberger concluded, “Adoption is courageous and messy and joyful and mysterious and loving. We need to uplift all of those in this beautiful triad — the birthparents, the adoptee and the adoptive family. As we prepare for the SCOTUS ruling on Dobbs v. Jackson, may we rethink false narratives on adoption. May we look at this act for what it is… transformative love. I’m a firm believer that’s there’s always a ‘plan’ in the ‘unplanned.’ What we don’t see from a human perspective, God knows from a divine perspective. We’re meant to be, regardless of the circumstances of our conception, regardless of our real or perceived abilities or disabilities, regardless of what others think we contribute to this world. We have equal and irrevocable worth simply because we exist. And adoption is a powerful and culture-changing way to unleash that God-given purpose.”

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