Samaritan Ministries in Fox Business: Why health care sharing ministry memberships now top 1 million

Shortly before Brenda Holler was diagnosed with a brain tumor she and her husband decided they couldn’t afford medical insurance. It was the end of 2015, and her husband, Rob, was going over the increasingly pricey alternatives Oklahomans had through ObamaCare.

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“We found that our best option was a plan that had a premium of $1,600 a month and a $24,000 deductible,” he told Fox Business. “It was just too much. I was seriously thinking of just going without medical insurance and letting them come after me for the fine.”

The Hollers decided to walk away from medical insurance and instead, in February 2016, they joined a so-called health care sharing ministry (HCSM) known as Samaritan Ministries. Members of such nonprofit groups agree to send a set amount each month to a specific fellow member who has a medical expense. The Hollers opted for a Samaritan Ministries plan that costs them $495 per month, though they set aside a slightly larger amount as part of an optional agreement to help other members facing catastrophic needs.

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