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Timothy Plan Remains Committed to Protecting Life

25-Year-Old Family of Mutual Funds Helps Christians Steward Money in a Way That Honors God, With Over $1 Billion Under Management

ORLANDO, Fla.—Millions across the nation today are mourning the 60 million lives lost since the Jan. 22, 1973 Supreme Court decision Roe v. Wade.

For nearly 25 years, Timothy Plan has helped people achieve their financial goals while investing in a morally responsible manner. Timothy Plan, for example, does not invest in those companies that support abortion, pornography or have other agendas contrary to the teachings of Scripture—or that are actively participating in activities that may prove destructive to our communities-at-large.

Timothy Plan communications adviser and author Robert Knight covered Friday’s March for Life and shared his experiences in a blog post titled, “March for Life Proclaims that Being “Pro-Life Is Pro-Science.”

“With temperatures in the 30s, the 46th annual March for Life turned the nation’s capital into America’s pro-life capital,” Knight wrote. “Hundreds of thousands of people gathered at the National Mall to hear speeches before turning up Constitution Avenue to march to Capitol Hill and end the march in front of the Supreme Court. This year’s slogan, ‘Unique from Day One,’ emphasized that science shows life begins at conception when a completely unique human being is created. The accompanying theme was that ‘Pro-Life Is Pro-Science.’”

The rulings in Roe v. Wade, together with Doe v. Bolton, struck down all abortion laws in the nation and ushered in mass destruction of life in the womb. Opponents of this patently unconstitutional and immoral usurpation of power have been marching annually ever since.

“One of the most striking things about the March for Life is the age of the participants,” Knight continued. “Over the past few years, young people have dominated the ranks, coming from all over the country. Surveys show that more Americans than ever are pro-life and willing to support legislation limiting abortion or outlawing it.”

Just a day before the March, Knight added, Senate Democrats blocked a bill that would have banned the use of taxpayer money to pay for abortions. Each year, legislators insert the Hyde Amendment into funding bills, which would bar federal funding of abortions. This year, supporters hoped to make it permanent, but needed 60 votes to override a Democrat filibuster.

Knight also noted that the nation’s leadership lent their support to the pro-life community at the March, with President Donald Trump sending a taped message and Vice President Mike Pence appearing on stage to address the crowd.

“As for the March for Life, it never matters how bad the weather is in late January,” he added. “The largest pro-life gathering in the world invariably begins and ends in high spirits and renewed determination to end a sorry chapter in American life.”

In part, it was Timothy Plan founder Art Ally’s pro-life commitment that led him in 1992 to start helping churches provide biblically sound retirement resources for pastors.

“With the rise in Biblically Responsible Investing (BRI), people no longer have to choose between funding companies that hurt people or giving up competitive investment returns,” Ally said. “BRI affords the freedom to invest not only wisely but morally, including matters of the protection of sacred life. Believers have the added insight through the Scriptures that all our money belongs to God, not just the amount we tithe. So it’s not unreasonable to take responsibility for how our money is used in the marketplace, including investing.”

A few years before Timothy Plan was founded, Tom Strobhar, a pro-life investment adviser in Dayton, Ohio, began buying a couple of shares in 25 corporations so he could attend stockholders’ meetings and lobby management against donating to Planned Parenthood, investing in pornography or promoting immoral lifestyles.

“Folks like Timothy Plan have made [abortion] an issue so it has worked,” Strobhar told Knight in an interview. Strobhar also noted that at least 340 companies that formerly gave to Planned Parenthood have ceased doing so.

While biblically responsible investing is not new, the movement is growing rapidly and extensively. In fact, last year, Timothy Plan alone reached over $1 billion of assets under management.

Since 1994, Timothy Plan has existed to help advisers and investors achieve their financial goals through a pro-life, pro-family approach to investing—not only to benefit the investor but the broader culture. Timothy Plan is firmly committed to running a mutual fund company with the integrity, excellence, and wisdom that brings honor and glory to our Lord Jesus and is a beacon for Godly stewardship in the financial community.

Mutual funds are available through a prospectus (Timothy Plan Prospectus) by contacting the fund or a financial professional. When considering a mutual fund, investors should always carefully read the prospectus before inventing to analyze the investment objectives, risks, charges and expenses.

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